Is Experience Métis Indigenous owned?

“Wii”! Yes! We are a small collective of knowledge keepers and instructors, and registered members of Métis Nation of Alberta. We do our best to work with other Indigenous companies whenever possible, including instructors, contractors, and those who provide our supplies and services.

We are so glad you asked! We’re proud of our business model. It took a lot of thought and consultation with elders and leaders in the Indigenous communities who inhabit Mohkinstsis.

To develop a framework for serving our community (while running a business that feeds our families), we have blended traditional ‘business’ models of fur traders with modern community-driven practices that enhance opportunities for growth within the Métis community.

Here are some of the highlights that are important to keeping Experience Métis Inc. authentic and community driven:

  • Training Culture Teachers of Tomorrow: employees, youth, and volunteers gain cultural knowledge through apprentice-style learning.

  • Engaging with Elders, Leaders and Community Members: we consistently consult with elders and leaders to make sure our work is aligned with traditional values and community expectations.

  • Representation for Métis in Southern Alberta: we reach out to community organizations and leadership to create opportunities for Métis in the lower half of the province to engage with their culture.

  • Infusing Indigenous Values: we strive to incorporate Wahkoomiwayhk/Wahkohtowin (kinship), respect for creation, family togetherness, community responsibility, healthy living, and sponsorship in all that we do.

Absolutely! You can attend any Experience Métis workshop, program, or teaching that is listed on the events page, or book a private experience for you and your friends. We welcome folks from all backgrounds, cultures, and nations to join us. We wish to create an understanding of indigenous cultures and dispel stereotypes. Experience Métis is a SAFE SPACEe – all respectful visitors are welcome to attend our events.

Each workshop, event, or experience you book will put you on the email list for that particular event. We send out an email to all participants a few days before the experience with a list of what to bring, time and location information, and tips for being safe and comfortable.

Please bring any medications or emergency medical equipment that you may need during an event. We always recommend wearing layered clothing to outdoor events, with one more layer than you think you will need (you never know when the temperature will drop). A water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, small snacks, a hat, good shoes, and your notebook and pen are some examples of gear to bring along.