CCSD Grade 7 Field Trips


For all CCSD grade 7 students

Welcome Orientation
This 30-minute welcome and site safety orientation will help your group make the most of your experience and is mandatory for all groups.
Tree Medicine Plant Walk
Learn how the Métis make and use medicines, clothes, and food out of raw plant materials from the prairies, foothills, and valleys of Southern Alberta.
Métis Artifacts Scavenger Hunt
Use trading supply cards to locate items used by the Metis on the Canadian prairies.
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We are pleased to partner with the Calgary Catholic School District to offer our Tree Medicine Plant Walk as a complementary tool to the grade 7 curriculum. The CCSD will reimburse all schools who take part in this experience. Please contact your administration or this email for details: 

Although only the Tree Plant Medicine Walk qualifies for the CCSD subsidy, we recommend all grade 7 groups consider participating in the  Métis Artifacts Scavenger Hunt. This one-hour experience is a fun and educational add-on to our CSSD Plant Tree Medicine Walk. This is ideal when booking two or more groups for your Experience Métis field trip so all groups can remain engaged for your entire time with us. 

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Fees for the Métis Tree Medicine plant walk are $300.00+gst per class. CCSD has arranged a special rate and sponsorship for CCSD Grade 7 classes who wish to take part in this program – please contact for questions regarding the CCSD sponsorship.

Fees for the Métis Artifacts Scavenger Hunt add-on program are $200.00+gst per class (special price for CCSD only). Fee for this program is not sponsored by CCSD and is payable by the school. 

We will send you an invoice on or shortly after the field trip date. All required information for submitting payment will be on the invoice.

Payment can be made through Stripe, E-transfer, or by cheque. 

Download This Document To Help You Plan and Organize Your Experience

CCSD Planning Your Experience Metis Field Trip 2024

Bring Your students to Experience Métis

All Experience Métis field trips will begin with the half-hour welcome and site safety orientation. 

One orientation will be conducted for your entire group. 

Please ensure you consider this half-hour time commitment when planning your Experience.