Our Story And Our Team

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Driven by a shared passion for Métis heritage, we wanted to create a welcoming space where urban families could connect with the earth. Our journey led us to cultivate a network of knowledgeable culture keepers, each with a wealth of personal experience in Métis art, cuisine, medicinal practices, lifeways, and traditions. Learn more about us, here.

Everyone is welcome to attend workshops at Experience Métis. We foster a safe and respectful space and embrace people of all backgrounds, races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and socio-economic status. We do not welcome views that espouse hatred or bigotry. Click here to learn more.

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How It Started...

Quality, Authentic Connections To Métis Traditions

We started as a couple of culture enthusiasts with a dream to:

  • Encourage a reconnection to culture and nature within Métis communities.
  • Cultivate Métis knowledge holders through collaboration, mentorship, and community.
  • Be a responsibe steward of the land and role model for sustainable land connection.
  • Develop a renewed interest in how plants are used for Métis food, medicine, and tools. 
  • Ensure Métis culture will not be lost and develop resilience through cultural connection to defend the Métis from future harmful impacts on our People
  • Continue growing and learning as Métis knowledge holders
  • Balance the importance of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, resilience, self-reliance, community reliance, and sovereignty through a resurgence of traditional practices.
  • Continually develop a network of knowledge holders to connect people with all Métis cultural knowledge.
  • Cultivate a space for intergenerational knowledge sharing.
  • Remove barriers so all Métis people may access cultural teachings.
  • Expand teachings to non-Métis people to help with Métis cultural knowledge among the general public.

Solution: Create our own community of Métis culture teachers – with a land-base that is accessible and welcoming!